Messerschmitt Bf 110 Manual


If you have not worked with foam before, it is strongly recommended that you read the How To section first.
Do not discard any foam pieces that came with the kit, until after the construction is finished.

The Wowplanes Messerschmitt Bf 110 is a builder's kit. We assume that the builder has at least an intermediate skill level in building RC flying models and has built kits and ARFs before in balsa, if not in foam. The objective of this manual is to illustrate the features and construction techniques that are unique to this model.

It is not the intent of this manual to show the basics such as installation of motors, radio, servos, linkages, etc. which are common to all models.

The final finishing technique described below uses Wowplanes Liquid Sheeting. The builder may chose to finish the model using alternative techniques such as fiber glassing, balsa sheeting, etc.

1.0  Contents of the box
2.0  Fuselage & Battery Compartment
3.0  Tail
4.0  Wing
5.0  Wing Mount
6.0 Nacelles
7.0 Cowls & Exhaust Stacks
8.0  Fixed Main Gear
9.0  Retractable Main Gear
10.0  Tail Mount
11.0 Motor wiring
12.0 Finishing
13.0 Center of Gravity

1.0 Contents of the box


2.0 Fuselage & Battery Compartment







Click here for Liquid Sheet instructions

3.0 Tail




Click here for Liquid Sheet instructions

4.0 Wing




Although flaps are not necessary for this model to fly well, you may cut and hinge flaps according to the 3 view drawing.

Click here for Liquid Sheet instructions

5.0 Wing Mount




Click here for Liquid Sheet instructions

6.0 Nacelles



Position each nacelle such that the outboard face is lined with the joint between the outer and inner wing panels.

7.0 Cowls & Exhaust Stacks




8.0 Fixed Main Gear


9.0 Retractable Main Gear


10.0 Tail Mount
Servo locations shown below is one way to install the servos and links, but not necessarily the only way. You can mount the servo in the mid fuselage and use control rods or cables.


11.0 Motor wiring

12.0 Finishing

Click here: Final Finish

Some suggested color schemes.

13.0 Center of gravity

  • The Center of Gravity is located 3.8 inches back from the leading edge of the wing measured at the root where the wing enters the fuselage.
  • For the first flight it is safer to locate the CG 1/4" in front of this location.
  • The model should be balanced after all the equipment and finish has been applied. This must be the final step. Use the battery location to achieve the balance and/or add weight to the nose or tail.