Liquid Sheeting - Material Safety Data Sheet

Health Hazards:
Health 1
Fire 1
Reactivity 0
Flash Point >200 degrees F

Hazard Material:
Plastic, Liquid, NOIBM, Not restricted, Epoxy resin, Proprietary Formula.

Stability - Stable.
Fire Hazard - Avoid high temperatures and open flames.
Contact - Avoid contact with curing agent.

Hazardous Decomposition Products:
Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, aldehydes, acids and other organic substances may be formed during fire or high temperature degradation.

Effects of overexposure:
Skin Contact: Moderately irritating to skin. May cause allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. Avoid direct contact with skin. Wear gloves and protective clothing. Wash thoroughly with denatured alcohol, then soap and water.

Eye Contact: Moderate irritant. Avoid touching eyes. Wear protective eye glasses. Flush eyes with generous quantity of water for 20 minutes. Seek medical help if irritation persists.

Inhalation: Not likely to be an inhalation hazard due to its low volatility. Remove victim to fresh air.

Ingestion: No adverse effects unless large quantity is ingested.

Cancer Hazard: Material is not carcinogenic.

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